EcoRun competitions in Finland - and elsewhere, too

Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have traditionally been driving Eco Rallies or Runs in the very same format. Earlier they competed in Nordic Championship and thereafter in North Europe Zone (FIA NEZ) EcoRun Championship till 2009 and 2012 onwards in NEZ EcoRun Cup.

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The Finnish EcoRun Cup regulations are mainly in concordance with NEZ Regulations. Economy run event starts and ends with the fuel tank filling. The filling is an important phase because the fuel consumed is the basis for the result calculations. To avoid filling errors the tank side wheel may be lifted up on a bench of about 10 cm above the ground level. Before the start the competitors get the road book – equivalent to the rally road book. The co-driver and the driver will translate the road book information into the driving instructions. Driving instructions advice you of target average speed. All driving should be done keeping in mind the least possible fuel consumption on the route.

There are different kinds of economy runs. Mileage Marathon is the ultimate technology race for fuel economy. In South Africa there has been an annual Total Economy Run of its own traditions. In Czech Republic there are two annual competitions: Skoda Economy Run and another run open for all marks and makes. In Britain there has been four Eco-Rallies from London to Brighton. In Norway they had a Zero Emission Rally.